An independent travel group operating in Saudi Arabia.

Our Group entitles traveling and exploring enthusiasts of Saudi Arabia. We are a tours specialist, holiday provider, combining a love of Arabian Peninsula, adventure and good times to create incredible trips and experiences in Saudi Arabia. Arabia Travel is a private initiative. We cooperate with the best licensed guides in Saudi Arabia.

Having 7 years of experience

We have 7 years experience in tourguiding groups and indviduals in the Middle East and in European mouintains. Before coming to Saudi Arabia we lived in Jordan and Kuwait and many other countries. 

Promoting Saudi Arabia from

unique side

We commenced this idea as independent animator, collective travel operator in 2019. As colleagues we would love to share the most beautiful jewels places of the Saudi Arabia with tourists and everyone who is interested about it. We want to promote the country from different and unique side. Our goal is to travel with people who like us are looking for splendid and niche excursions. 

Our Travellers' Club

Our goals is not only to organize tours, but also build a community of travellers passionate about Saudi Arabia. We are planning to organize events and talks about unknown and fascinating aspects of Saudi Arabia history.

Meet our team


Polish National living in KSA since 2017. Traveler-pretender who explores Saudi Arabia intensively, especially its southern parts. He is familiar with Saudi traditions and customs. 

Head of Arabia Travel



Moved to KSA in 2019 after exploring Jordan for 1,5 year.  She has been working in tourism for years in the Middle East and is fascinated with Arab culture. A photographer on Arabia Travel tours and expeditions. 

Partner of Arabia Travel