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Arabia Travel Magazine is the first such magazine in Saudi Arabia. It's established by Arabia Travel Club and has been devoted to promoting the Saudi state by specific and non-common modes of traveling and expeditions around the Kingdom. The magazine delivers an objective insight into selected issues and topics, which are related to peculiar excursions and explorations, always in a niche mode. Arabia Travel Club doesn't seek for commercial places as well as fashionable events. If you are interested in receiving each issue, please subscribe below!

What is included in Issue #2?

  • Living in the Old Jeddah Interview

  • COVID-19 updates 

  • Girls trip to Wadi Disah

  • A story behind the photo from Al Baha

  • 3 mountains from a different world

  • They have been here: Wilfred Thesiger

  • Our top picks: camp in Al Ula

  • Our Saudi chef's favorite recipe

  • And many more

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Issue #1

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